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Gate Nine Racing History
It all started in 1982 at Ft. Hamilton BMX located in Fairfield, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.  I was just a 12 year old kid that loved to ride his bike.  I had heard of BMX years earlier while riding my school bus.  These two new kids from California had just moved in.  They both raced in So-Cal on bikes called Pedal Power.  It was the first time I had seen a straight tube style bike frame.  I was still on a old Schwinn Stingray frame.  I asked a lot of questions.  But just like that, the brothers moved back to So-Cal. Soon after, I saw some BMX trophys at a local bike shop. I asked the owner where the trophys came from.  He said his BMX team won them at the new BMX track in Fairfield.  He handed me a flyer.  I could not believe it, a track, here in the Cincinnati area.  I handled the flyer as if it was a newly discovered Dead Sea Scroll. I then took my Scroll to my best friend and fellow BMX bike riders home.  We then each showed the paper to our parents.  The very next weekend we went to the track a watched.  The weekend after that we signed up to race.  Little did I know that day would forever shape my life.  I have made so many close friends in BMX.  I met my wife while riding my BMX bike. (She said she liked my 16 Expert cockeyness)  We have raised all three of our boys racing BMX. From day one I was fixated on number plates.  Man, it just had to look cool.  You gotta get those stickers on just right.  I took great pride in all of my number plates, and that, brings us to TODAY!  Scott Janssens, Gate Nine Design 
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